Debt Finanace

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A business can finance its operations either through equity or debt. Equity is cash paid into the business by investors; the business owner is usually one of these investors; investors receive a share of the company, in effect a percentage of it proportional to total investment paid in. The share or stock may appreciate in value in proportion to the increase in the business's net worth—or it may evaporate to nothing at all if the business fails. Investors put cash into a company in the hope of stock appreciation and the yield of dividends which the business may (but need not) pay to the investor; dividends are a portion of the net profits of the business; if the business does not realize a profit, it cannot pay a dividend. The investor can get his or her investment back only by selling the share to someone else. In a privately held company, investors have less "liquidity" because the shares are not traded on the open market and a purchaser may be difficult to find. This is one reason why successful and rapidly growing small businesses are under pressure by stockholders to "go public"—and thus to create an easy way for investors to cash out.

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