Legal Support To IP & IPE

INSOLVENCY JURIS provide Legal support Services to IP & IPE for the efficient conduct of CIRP and Liquidation Process as a legal associate and helping in filling of applications under various provisions of IBC, 2016 and Companies Act, 2013, Petitions, Rejoinders, Written Statement, Counter Filling with NCLT, NCLAT or any other Tribunal or Courts, reply to notices and consultation on various provisions of Code and regulations made under the Code for conducting the CIRP and Liquidation. We help in Claim Management like understanding of various legal documents received along with the claims and other documents sourced from Corporate Debtor. We undertake to handle litigations initiated by Resolution Professional or any other person. We appears before Adjudicating Authority (NCLT, NCLAT) or any other court, tribunal or authority on behalf of FC, OC, Corporate Applicant and IP or IPE as an Counsel