Opression and Mismanagment

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The management of a Company is based on the majority rule, but at the same time the interests of the minority can’t be completely overlooked. While talking of majority and minority, we are not talking of numerical majority or minority but of majority or minority voting strength. The reason for this distinction is that a small group of shareholders may hold the majority shareholding whereas the majority of shareholders may, among them, hold a very small percentage of share capital. Once they acquire control, the majority can, for all practical purposes, do whatever they want with the Company with practically no control or supervision, because even if they are questioned on their acts in the general meeting, they always come out winners because of their greater voting strength. So, the modern Companies Acts contain a large number of provisions for the protection of the interests of minorities in companies We have a network of Professionals from all over India. Our Object is to provide impeccable professional services with diversified and interlinked set-up keeping in mind cost effective & Confidentiality aspects of the business & industry.